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Ethos Developments was born out of a personal pursuit by this brother-sister team to build luxurious homesteads for themselves in a central location. Upon discovering how skilled they were at doing so, they decided to launch this company to help others achieve the same dreams for their homes, along with providing comfortable and enjoying living accommodations for tenants.  

The three main business facets include:

  • Building spec homes – discerningly selecting sites within sought after neighbourhoods in close proximity to downtown.

  • Project management for clients – looking at highest and best use of a property, optimizing value, minimizing risk and completing construction from start to finish.

  • Growing the Ethos Developments real estate portfolio – in the form of acquiring existing rental properties and developing those properties from the ground up.

We’re passionate about what we do. We are proud of the rewards our projects yield for us, our partners, and our end users. Our belief in producing beautiful homes and receiving strong feedback on phenomenal end products drives us personally and continues to guide our professional practices.


Co-founder & Owner

As an experienced contractor and graduate from Carleton University’s (BA) Law honours program, Adam keeps Ethos Developments running smoothly. Adam has been exercising his entrepreneurial ambitions for more than half his life, having shown a knack for business since the age of 16. He has more than 10 years under his belt as an owner of two landscaping/construction and contracting companies: The Anything Guys (TAG) and Instant Lawns. Most recently, prior to Ethos Developments, Instant Lawns quickly became one of Ottawa’s top curb appeal experts. The business provided “Instant Grassification,” specialising in sodding and beautifying properties. These operational business experiences not only paved the foundation for his business acumen, but also allowed him to grow his network immensely. Adam enjoys prospecting and spearheading real estate acquisitions, deal structuring, conceptualizing the final product, and executing and creating new rental supply for the Ottawa market. 


Adam is an x3 Ironman finisher and currently pursuing qualifying for Ironman world championship. When time permits, he enjoys riding his horse Django on trail rides and extended runs and walks with his two Vizslas.


Co-founder & Owner

Jennifer is recognised in the design and real estate world for her superb multi-capable expertise, providing valuable input towards building well-designed and functional properties. She’s enthusiastic and passionate about timeless design and decor and end-consumer experience. She has a natural inclination for exquisite interior design and décor, often furnishing units with items from her travel to more than 30 different countries. Equipped with an International Business degree from Carleton University, Jennifer has founded and sold three profitable businesses since 2009. Jennifer is a firm believer in streamlining processes and finding operational efficiencies with a goal of increasing business and project accountability. In addition to this, Jennifer has been engaging in real-estate investing since 2012. In her experience, she has embarked on multiple single-family to duplex conversions and new ground-up development projects. Since entering into real estate development, Jennifer’s various small to medium business consulting positions have been of high value when evaluating and predicting market trends.

Jennifer enjoys her role as a new mom, and in her free time, she enjoys travelling and helping other entrepreneurs grow their business. 



Project Coordinator 

Mohamed is an enthusiastic and skilled architect and construction project manager with a wealth of experience spanning both Egypt and Canada. After earning his Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture in Egypt, Mohamed pursued an architectural equivalency in Canada, gaining a deep understanding of North American standards and practices. He has since established himself in Ottawa, Ontario, where he has built a successful career merging construction project management and ERP Systems.

Throughout his career, Mohamed has managed a varied portfolio of residential and commercial projects, showcasing his ability to oversee and deliver projects from conception to completion. His belief in accurate communications, attention to detail, and commitment to quality have earned him recognition as a reliable and efficient project manager.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mohamed has a passion for art. He co-founded a small art-focused coworking space in Egypt, where he taught art and art history, blending his love for design with his entrepreneurial spirit. He has been featured in two solo exhibitions, and two other exhibitions for his students. Mohamed continues to make art, generally using graphite on paper, and oil on canvas. 


Gody Ncube


As a former building manager for one of the largest multi-family property management companies in Canada, Gody comes with over 6 years of experience in the property management industry. In addition to his experience, he possesses an ARM (Accredited Residential Manager) designation and a strong background in sales, customer service, and operations. He takes great pride and pleasure in providing a comfortable, safe and enjoyable atmosphere while accommodating all tenants. Although his note-taking skills are mostly old school and handwritten, they are meticulous! Gody lives by the mantra “treat others how you wish to be treated” and is courteous, approachable, respectful,and responsive. Our tenants reaffirm Gody’s traits and exceptional skills during the annual tenant survey review where tenants score their overall housing experience. Gody is fluent in English, Shona, Ndebele, and Zulu.

In his spare time, Gody is an avid traveller. He’s especially sensitive to cold temperatures and attempts to hibernate during the winter months. Over time, it’s become clear he gets particularly excited about Fridays, as this is his favourite day of the week.





Irmi has over 20 years experience in property administration and property management. Prior to joining the team she was employed by one of Ottawa’s largest family owned & operated apartment building owners, managing their portfolio of over 750 residential apartment units. Irmi is well versed in the day to day activities and responsibilities which go along with managing hundred of tenants all with unique backgrounds, experiences and circumstances. Irmi is a graduate of Algonquin Colleges Property Management Foundation program and owns and personally manages a multi family building of her own in Hintonburg. Irmi is no stranger to project management, having supervised construction and renovation projects for assets she personally owns as well as assisting in a site supervisor capacity on apartment building renovations. Irmi is fluent in English and German and conversational in French.


When time and weather permit, Irmi will routinely travel across North American on her cruiser motorcycle and join motorcade meet ups. Irmi also enjoys travelling to Europe and completing renovations on her 100 year old home.

OlumideAmoye0127-2 copy.jpg


Content Marketer 

Didier caught the eye of management and was recruited from a national fitness chain. In Didier’s previous role, he was essentially a “Director of First Impression” and would routinely greet, direct, and educate clients. Didier possesses a very unique gift and ability to genuinely and warmly welcome customers, clients, and tenants. He can relate to everyone regardless of age, gender, and background. Besides his strong customer service orientation and charm, Didier also has a background in Economics from the University of Ottawa. Because of his passion for health and fitness, plus his years of competing in bodybuilding, Didier has gained a large social media following that contributed to his online experience and expertise in social media marketing. His experience and skill set add tremendous value to our marketing team. Although his main role and responsibilities involve supporting the marketing team and ensuring tenants can find our available rentals, it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to become a Urent leasing agent also in the near future with us. Didier is fluent in English, French, and Creole. 


In his downtime, Didier enjoys spending time with his two young children, making creative content on social media, and religiously participating in Football Sunday viewership.  


Manager of Tenant Happiness 

Introducing a seasoned professional in the customer service and property management industry with over a decade of experience, meet Olu. With a keen eye for detail, a passion for excellence, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Olu has built a reputation as a trusted authority in his field and with our team.

Olu wears many hats, juggling various tasks with seamless ease, and never shying away from a challenge. His problem-solving skills combined with his positive attitude make him a real asset to our team. He is distinguished for his professionalism, his warm smile, his ability to multitask and his willingness to always go the extra mile.

Olu’s passion in life extends far beyond work. He gets excited about gourmet cuisine, trying out new restaurants, and discovering amazing food experiences. In his spare time, he avidly follows business news and investment trends, constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and understanding of the market.

With a proven track record of excellence throughout his career, incredible attention to detail, and a passion for forging close relationships with clients, Olu is the go-to person for all your tenant happiness/property management needs. Trustworthy, reliable, and highly skilled in creating seamless customer experiences, he is committed to delivering exceptional results every step of the way.

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