Ethos Developments was born out of a personal pursuit by this brother-sister team to build luxurious homesteads for themselves in a central location. Upon discovering how skilled they were at doing so, they decided to launch this company to help others achieve the same dreams for their homes, along with providing comfortable and enjoying living accommodations for tenants.  

The three main business facets include:

  • Building spec homes – discerningly selecting sites within sought after neighbourhoods in close proximity to downtown.

  • Project management for clients – looking at highest and best use of a property, optimizing value, minimizing risk and completing construction from start to finish.

  • Growing the Ethos Developments real estate portfolio – in the form of acquiring existing rental properties and developing those properties from the ground up.

We’re passionate about what we do. We are proud of the rewards our projects yield for us, our partners, and our end users. Our belief in producing beautiful homes and receiving strong feedback on phenomenal end products drives us personally and continues to guide our professional practices.


Co-founder & Owner

As a licensed contractor with an undergraduate degree in law, Adam keeps Ethos Developments running smoothly. Adam has been exercising his entrepreneurial ambitions for more than half his life, having shown a knack for business since the age of 16. He has more than 10 years under his belt as an owner of two landscaping/construction and contracting companies: The Anything Guys (TAG) and Instant Lawns. Most recently, prior to Ethos Developments, Instant Lawns quickly became one of Ottawa’s top curb appeal experts. The business provided “instant grassification,” specializing in sodding and beautifying properties. These operational business experiences not only paved the foundation for his business acumen, but has also allowed him to grow his network immensely. When time permits, he will regularly attend public hearings at the Committee of Adjustment and Ottawa City Hall to stay informed and up-to-date on the limitations of urban development and city intensification.



Co-founder & Owner

Jennifer is recognized in the design and real estate worlds for her superb multi-capable expertise, providing valuable input towards building well-designed and functional properties. She has a natural inclination for exquisite interior design and décor, often furnishing units with items from her travel to more than 30 different countries. Equipped with an International Business degree from Carleton University, Jennifer has founded and sold 3 profitable businesses since 2009. Jennifer is a firm believer in streamlining processes and finding operational efficiencies with a goal of increasing business and project accountability. In addition to this, Jennifer has been engaging in real-estate investing since 2012. In her experience, she has embarked on multiple single family to duplex conversions and development projects. Since taking on real estate development, Jennifer’s various small to medium business consulting positions have been of high value when evaluating and predicting market trends.


Kyle Edmondson

Office Manager

Kyle is a familiar face to Ethos Developments’ co-founders. Having helped scale and manage one of the largest residential landscaping companies in Ottawa for Adam, he has proven himself to be a strong resource for business growth and development. More recently he was recruited to help introduce and develop a pilot program for tech giant Best Buy where they piloted the In-Home Consultation Program and got the approval to do it on a national scale. He has been on the inside of both ‘owner/operator’ businesses and fortune 500 companies, giving him unique insight and ability to tackle administrative challenges from a different perspective. With a passion for professional growth, Kyle is right at home in the middle of the Ethos expansion as we look forward to the future.