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custom homes ottawa, ottawa infill



Ethos Development is a boutique style design and build company. In association with a team of local trades and experts we provide cost planning, permit acquisition, building documentation, new home and renovation construction services, as well as interior design. Adam and Jennifer will ensure your project is as streamlined and time efficient as possible.


Our custom homes are the result of a rigorous collaboration between various architects and Ethos Development. While consistently modern, the range is diverse with unlimited flexibility in the way the designs can be developed. The result is therefore always unique and considered, tailored to suit our clients’ tastes and requirements.


If you are looking to design your own custom home, we can recommend architects to work with you on pre-designs and custom designs, begin with a concept design stage where a site plan, floor plans and a 3D model are completed prior to a building quotation being established. The final design specifications and interiors are then determined in collaboration with our clients prior to completing contract documentation.


Ethos Developments has had 10 years’ experience developing trade and contractor relationships, as well as refining processes and methodologies, which ensure cost efficiencies and consistent quality construction.


Our aim is to produce superbly designed and constructed houses for our clients in the most efficient and intelligent way possible.

custom homes ottawa, ottawa infill

There is a garenteed  “Wow” factor about the house, meaning that when people come in to the house they will say “Wow” and I have to say without a doubt everybody that has come in to the house has said “Wow.”

 Everyone comments on the beautiful design and workmanship. I wouldn’t change a thing!

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