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Ethos Developments is a boutique style real estate development company specializing in urban infill development. It is a family owned and operated business led by a brother and sister team which have been developing real estate since 2012.  




We believe we owe it to ourselves to ensure the experience and quality of our work is meaningful. We only create projects where vision and thoughtful design add lasting value. Since 2012, our core values and comprehensive approach to development have ensured the success of our company through over 40,000 sq/ft of development. 

custom homes ottawa, ottawa infill


What makes Ethos So UNIQUE?



Built to Last

All Ethos Homes are built with industry best practices, quality finishings, and low environmental impact.  


Timeless Design

Our homes are designed by some of the top architects in Ottawa to reflect the way people enjoy space today.  They also come with 2x the amount of outdoor living than homes in the core. 


Energy Efficient Solutions

We look at items such as window placement to harness the suns energy as well as top building materials and appliances in order to maximize an Ethos homes impact on our environment. 


Smart Homes

Fitted with the latest technology and upgrades in modern living to make your life easier. See a complete list here.

" I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” 


Maya Angelou





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